Sunday, 28 December 2008

#2 in Switzerland and Netherlands

Chirp! was the second most popular paid-for Education app in both Switzerland and the Netherlands over the Christmas period! Special thanks to the excellent people of  Switzerland for not only buying enthusiastically but also leaving very nice reviews :D.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

25 birds

One of the most frequent requests we have had for Chirp! is for us to add more birds. This presents a slight dilemma as the original idea behind the app was to help people learn the songs of birds that they might hear from day to day. Beyond about 25 birds this aim is a bit lost. On the other hand, if most customers would like a longer list, who are we to argue!

I do draw the line at including the near-silent Stork however (requested by one reviewer) ;).

Monday, 22 December 2008

So, iSpiny eh....

After many years making educational software under the name Spiny Software, we are branching out into apps for the excellent iPhone and iPod Touch! We intend to concentrate on wildlife identification guides that can be used while out and about, as well as for browsing at home. Our first app is already out - it's a bird song identification app called Chirp!, featuring songs of 25 of the most common European birds. It's available in English but also in German (Zwitschern!), French (Cui-Cui!) and Dutch (Tjilp!).

A version featuring birds of the USA will follow as soon as we can finish it, featuring 40 birds from across the United States.

This blog is a way of explaining the background to the apps and responding to user's comments. More soon!