Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bird Guide Britain

It's a big day today - our field guide to British Birds is finally in the AppStore! We've been working on it for so many months that it is hard to believe that it is finally out. Also a bit nerve-racking, waiting for the feedback! It only has 112 birds at present, but these include all common and locally common song birds, plus woodpeckers, owls, gulls, pigeons, parrots and the most common birds of prey, with photos, songs and calls. It's a hefty beast already! We will be adding more birds in regular updates until all common and locally common, plus many rarer birds are included. The first update is already well under way and that will add waterbirds - ducks, swans, geese and grebes.

The plan is that once it is finished, it will be adapted and translated for other European countries. It made sense to start with Britain because Britain has fewer birds, and we already speak the language ;).

Here's the link to the App Store: Bird Guide Britain