Tuesday, 22 March 2016

ChirpOMatic update

ChirpOMatic, our shazam-style app for identifying birdsong has been updated, the first of several updates planned for 2016. As well as the lovely new design by Sam (IAmSam Creative), new birds have been added, the analysis has been improved and made faster, and it is now possible to go back and see the results from earlier recordings. 

Probably the biggest new feature is that the app now supports the Apple Watch! So if you are out and about and hear a bird, you no longer have to fumble around for your phone, just tap the button  on your watch and record it straight away. You can make as many recordings as you like and they will automatically transfer to the phone. Then tap ‘Analyse’ on the phone to get the results.

The microphone on the watch is surprisingly good and the recordings are of similar quality to those made on the phone. Something to watch out for is that the microphones are on the left side  of the watch, so be careful that your sleeve doesn’t rustle over the phone while you are recording.

Click here to see ChirpOMatic in the App Store


Saturday, 19 March 2016

ChirpOMatic is having a makeover!

ChirpOMatic, our automatic birdsong recognition app, is having a makeover! The app has been redesigned by Sam at iamsamcreative and we are thrilled with the results. He has cleverly transformed the app, yet kept it recognisable. Thank you, Sam!

The app will be updated very soon with this great new artwork.

Click here to see ChirpOMatic in the App Store