Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Update, update

Last week's update added an info screen and an email link to Chirp!, as well as updating some of the bird data. I'm trying to keep updates to a minimum while we prepare our major update to version 2.0, but that is still a while away, so next up is another small upgrade to add Irish Gaelic names and comments! Huge thanks to Mícheál Ó Caoinleain for the hard work he put in on this. 

Here's a taste of the new translation. This is about the Starling:
Tá ceol na Druide fíor-ilchineálach agus cuimsíonn sé aithrisí ar an uile shaghas fuaime, mar shampla; ceiliúr éan eile is aláraim ghluaisteáin. Éist an clic-clic sciobtha a dhéanann sí lena gob.

It's a shame that it can't be a full translation of the whole interface but it looks as though the limitations of the iPhone prevent that at the moment. I hope someone will let me know if there is a way around this.

In other news, it seems to be official that we have sold Chirp! to every Swiss iPod-owning bird lover! Sales there have dropped sharply and we've lost our #1 spot in Education. Oh well, we knew it was inevitable, and at least we are still in the Education Top 20 in several countries.

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