Thursday, 19 February 2009

Chirp! v2 coming soon!

At last! Version 2 of Chirp! should be available by the end of next week, depending on how long Apple take to check it. The most obvious new feature is a map that allows you to compare the commonest birds in the different countries covered by the app, from Sweden down to Switzerland, and from Ireland in the west, across to Germany. 

And even more exciting is that the behind-the-scenes changes will allow us to start including more birds! Already there may be birds that you did not see previously - the 'crunching marbles' sound of the Black Redstart (shown above) and the 'piece of cheeeese' of the Yellowhammer were not previously available if the app was running in Britain. As well as this we are intending to add one bird each week as we move into spring. The birds will be chosen from your feedback so let us know what you would like us to include - use the email button on Chirp!'s Info screen, post a comment below, click the link from the iSpiny website, send by pigeon post... just let us know!

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