Saturday, 30 May 2009


Summer seems to have arrived - the swifts are screaming through the air and we've eaten our first home-grown strawberry. The collared doves that live outside our bedroom window are still trying to nest on a thin cable (cute but daft), the pond is full of newts and the insect life is getting going.

Meanwhile, back at the computer, updates to Chirp! Europe and USA are continuing to be released. Apple sneaked the last one out without telling me, so this time I'm checking the status of the updates every few hours in case they do the same thing again. The USA update is going to be a nice one - it adds five species of Oriole to the app and they are such beautiful birds. I have some great birds ready for Europe too as soon as the translations are done.

And finally:
"Great app" - Simon Mayo
What's that? Yes, it's true, Simon Mayo, who I consider to be the best BBC radio presenter, tweeted on Twitter that he thinks Chirp is a great app :D.

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