Thursday, 14 April 2011

April already?

My neglect of this blog is shameful! My only excuse is that little has changed - I am still working on the next Bird Guide Britain update, and squeezing in occasional Chirp updates when I have time.

The next update to the Bird Guide is a really major one with many new features. As well as new features there will be quite a few new birds, and I am also working through all the current birds, checking the information and adding new and better images. It's going to be very good! Progress has been slow this year because Alex, who does the complicated programming, is a student and has his final exams very soon. On the plus side this is giving me more time to improve the content, so the finished result will be even better!


  1. What new features are you planning? I've started looking for a new app because I've been recording my sightings in Bird Guide Britain but then discovered I can't find out what I saw without going to each bird and checking when and where I saw it. If you're going to add the functionality to get a list of birds seen by date and/or location, and export the lists in e.g. excel or csv format then that's fantastic, I'll stop looking.

  2. Hi Jeannieallergy - I'm pleased to say that that is what we are planning. We are adding a whole Record Centre section to the app, which will include ways of viewing the list of bird sightings as well as viewing them on a map. It will also be possible to make repeat sightings of the same bird, and to export records as an xml file. As you can imagine, it is taking a long time to get this done and we might release an update with just extra birds in the meantime, while we continue testing and polishing the new features!