Saturday, 14 May 2016

Contributing to research

Bird vocalisations are valuable to biological, ecological and taxonomic research. Studies can require large quantities of recorded vocalisations, and these are usually sourced from bird sound libraries. One of the largest, easiest to use, and fastest growing of these libraries is the wonderful xeno-canto

iSpiny are pleased to announce that we are now able to curate the recordings sent in by ChirpOMatic users, and post the best on xeno-canto.

How will it work?
We always love to receive your emailed recordings, even if they're not academic quality! If it is a particularly great recording that's appropriate for xeno-canto, we will get in touch with you for permission to post it. If you have any extra details such as whether you saw the bird and its behaviour, do let us know. This extra data can be very useful to researchers. Once we have your permission we’ll post the recording and send you the link.

We have already uploaded over 30 recordings, from 26 recordists and a total of 10 countries!

You can see the current list here: 

Xeno-canto aims to be the the ultimate bird sound resource so let's do our bit in contributing!

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